OptCut 5

Linear and rectangular cutting optimisation software

Reduces material waste and therefore costs
Reuse inventories for subsequent cuts
Maximize productivity

OptCut is the software for automatic optimisation of the cutting plane for linear, rectangular shapes; it can optimise bars, tubes, profiles, frames, coils, beams, rolls, sheets, panels, etc. of different materials: glass, wood, plastic, marble, metal, aluminium, plexiglass, cardboard, steel, polycarbonate, etc.

OptCut is particularly suitable for furniture manufacturing companies, carpenters, sawmills, window manufacturers, blacksmiths, glassworks, marble workers, etc.; but also for commercial activities that distribute materials purchased in standard sizes in small pieces.

The main objective of the program is to minimize waste by reusing even the inventories of previous cuts, thus allowing substantial material savings, productivity gains and greater competitiveness of the company.

Starting from: 

  • available materials,
  • pieces to produce,
  • technical constraints (blade thickness, possible rotations, machine limits, etc.).

generates, quickly and automatically, one of the possible solutions that respect the set priorities (less waste, number of attempts, number of panels to be used, number of cuts to be made, etc.).

The optimisation process performs:

  • a check of material availability,
  • a quick estimate of the minimum number of panels required,
  • the calculation of the number of panels/profiles used, the cutting plane, the total area or length of the material used, the total area or length of the pieces made,
  • the counting of waste, cut pieces and those not cut due to panel exhaustion,

and returns:

  • statistics of each order (number and format of panels, total and partial area, scraps, cut and uncut pieces),
  • the costs of producing pieces,
  • the printable cutting plan with the possibility of printing several cutting plans on the same sheet or grouping the same ones.
OptCut - Processo di elaborazione

Why choose OptCut


A single software for optimization on plates, profiles and rolls


Can interface with the company management system and cutting machines

Free internet updates

For the same version of the program free updates from the site

Pre-post sales assistance

Guaranteed by the same technicians who developed the software

Easy to use

Simple interface with manual and video-tutorial

Free version available

Small companies or craftsmen can use the free version


OptCut is available in the following versions: FREE to optimize max 30L/50R pieces, Starter to optimize max 300 pieces and Pro to optimize unlimited pieces and comes with


The optional Import / Export module allows both the import of materials in stock and/or data relating to orders with the pieces to be produced and the export of cutting plan data in DXF format, TXT, CSV ... to be easily imported from CNC cutting machines. 

OptCut Starter

OptCut Starter



 €99 Excl. VAT

OptCut Starter Import/Export

OptCut Starter I/E 



€129 EXCL. VAT

OptCut Pro

OptCut Pro




OptCut Pro Import/Export

OptCut Pro I/E 



€450 EXCL. VAT

OptCut Free

OptCut Free

Max 30l/50R PIECES



Differences between versions

FeaturesOptCut     Free

OptCut Starter

OptCut  Pro

OptCut Starter  +

OptCut  Pro +
Linear/Rectangular Optimization
Pieces for linear optimisationMax 30Max 300UnlimitedMax 300Unlimited
Rectangular optimisation piecesMax 50Max 300UnlimitedMax 300Unlimited
Reuse of inventories
Parameter customisation
Material management
Label printing
Order cost management
Data Import/Export
and much more...
99,00 € 
Una Tantum
360,00 €
Una Tantum
129,00 €
Una Tantum
450,00 €
Una Tantum

NB: The price is for a single workstation, for special user requirements or customisation of the program please contact us at info@migg.it.


In the Free/Demo versions it is possible to optimize for a limited number of pieces. In the Starter or Pro versions it is possible to optimize for a maximum of 300 pieces for the Starter, while unlimited number for the Pro.

No, after purchase there are no fees to pay to use the software in subsequent years.

Per accedere al servizio di assistenza bisogna avere attivo un pacchetto assistenza. In questo caso è possibile ricevere assistenza nelle seguenti modalità:
- chiamando il numero telefonico dedicato all'assistenza post-vendita 0984467683,
- inviando una e-mail all'indirizzo a info@migg.it.
Con l'acquisto del software, viene dato in regalo un pacchetto assistenza formato da un monte minuti che dipende dalla versione del software acquistata. I minuti del pacchetto assistenza vanno utilizzati entro un anno dall'acquisto, quelli non utilizzati verranno persi se non si procede all'acquisto di un nuovo pacchetto assistenza.                                                                                                                                                       E' possibile acquistare uno dei nostri pacchetti di assistenza da nostro sito.

Once you have entered the optimization parameters and the materials to be used, simply enter the measurements of the pieces to be cut and then perform the optimization, the optimized cutting patterns will be displayed on the screen and can be printed. It is possible to print the labels to be assigned to the various pieces produced.

Yes, a table is managed with the list of materials to be used, the measurements of the same and the possible price per square meter.

Updates are available free of charge in the updates section of our website migg.it when they concern the same version of the software; For later versions, the upgrade is paid 

The grain is managed at the material level or at the level of a single piece. This is done by assigning the material in the material list the parameter "Rotate pieces" and in the individual panels by inserting the letter Y in the Rot (rotation) column (means that the workpiece in the optimization can be rotated).

The other parameters that can be managed are: the thickness of the cut, the margins (trimming) to be managed on the panel and from on the pieces, the
minimum dimensions of the pieces to be considered remains, the number of iterations, the maximum calculation time, etc. ..

Yes, you can insert cutting lists composed of panels of different material, the program will automatically generate more optimizations with pieces of the same material.

Yes, it is possible to print custom labels related to the pieces, as for any list contained in the table from which you launch the command for printing.

Yes, through the "Cost Analysis" module it is possible to know the production cost of the pieces.

Yes. It allows you to interface with other applications used during the manufacturing process by exchanging data in txt and csv format both at the input (panels to be used and pieces to be produced) and at the output (panels used, pieces produced, remains, cuts, etc.).

The Optimization type can be set in one of the following ways:
- From the Utility menu, select the Optimitation command Linear/Rectangular, and in the window that opens, choose Linear or Rectangular.
- On the toolbar double-click on the letter R or L to the right of the program icon and in the window that appears choose Linear or Rectangular.

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