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Linear and Rectangular cut Optimizer

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OptCut - Software optimization of the cut


Reduces waste and costs

Reuse the remains for the next cuts

Maximize productivity

Here the news Download OptCut Free
Download from Microsoft Store
OptCut - Software optimization of the cut

New Version 4.0 is now Available

More Powerful     More Efficient     More Fast

New features introduced thanks to your suggestions
Here the news Download OptCut Free
Download from Microsoft Store


OptCut is a software for automatic optimization of linear and/or rectangular cut plan of rolls, bars, pipes, panels, profiles, plates, frames, beams, coils of different materials such as: glass, wood, sheet metal, plastic, marble, metal, aluminum, steel, cardboard, plexiglas, polycarbonate, etc.

OptCut is particularly suitable to production companies such as furniture manufacturers, joiners, marble workers, glassworks, etc. but also to businesses that distribute small pieces purchased materials in standard sizes.

The first objective of the program is to minimize scraps allowing substantial savings in material and gains in productivity.

The program, starting from the available materials, from pieces to manufacture, and technical restrictions (blade thickness, possible rotations, machine limits etc.), quickly and automatically generates hundreds of solutions and between these chooses best optimization based on the priorities set (less waste, number of attempts, number of panels to be used etc.); the cut plan may also contain a large number of pieces and on sheets of different sizes. Also if for each panel is inserted the material cost, the edging cost and manifacture cost (cutting cost or other costs) the program allows you to do the cost analysis of the job.

At the end of optimizing the software produces a summary of:

  • produced parts
  • panels/profiles used
  • panels/profiles remaining
  • pieces eventually not produced
  • scraps
  • cuts

and provides

  • the costs analysis of orders.
  • the availability of leftover materials.

Is possible then repeat the optimization by varying the parameters to get the best suited to your needs

OptCut comes with an optional Import/Export module for importing materials in stock and data relating to orders with the pieces to be produced to allow a fast and correct loading; ithe module also allows you to export the data of the cutting plane both in DXF format which in text format (txt, csv) to be easily imported by CNC cutting machines. 

OptCut è is provided with:

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  • Scraps minimization
  • Material savings
  • Error minimizarion
  • Time savings
  • Quantity calculation and material costs


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Versions and differences

OptCut is available in several versions, specified in the table below;
Choose the one best suited to your business and discover the benefits!

OptCut - Software optimization of the cut- version free OptCut - Software optimization of the cut OptCut - Software optimization of the cut - version import / export
OptCut Free

OptCut Starter

OptCut Pro

OptCut Starter +
OptCut Pro +
Pieces for cutting plan Max 30L/50R Max 300 Unlimited Max 300 Unlimited
Reusing surpluses
Parameters customization
Materials Management
Print labels
  FREE 69,00 Eur * excl. TAX 275,00 Eur * excl. TAX 89,00 Eur * excl. TAX 350,00 Eur * excl. TAX


  • For OptCut Pro and OptCut Pro Import/Export, included in the price, you are provided with a FREE package of ASSISTANCE to use in 12 MONTHS after purchase, without NO RENEWAL REQUIREMENT after expiration.
  • For other payment methods please refer to the section Purchase guide
  • For special requirements or customization of the program please contact us at our contact details.


Processing and optimization

  • Choice between 4 optimization criteria
  • Fast optimization for calculating the maximum number of panels you need
  • Contemporary optimization of panels of different materials
  • Control of the availability of materials
  • Cutting plans elaborations
  • Statistical processing for each order(size and number of panels used, number of different cutting plans, total area of material used, total area of manufactured parts, counting the scraps, details of the pieces cut and uncut for lack of panels)
  • Processing costs of production of parts
  • Automatic generation of bar codes for each type of product piece
  • Identification of parts with a description and/or bar code
  • Adjustable cutting blade thickness
  • Printing custom labels for identification of orders (code piece, format) with or without barcodes
  • Printing multiple cutting plans on the same sheet
  • Grouping of equal cutting planes in one print
  • Peports printed in pdf
  • Plain optimization for rectangular shapes, linear and rolls


  • Import/Export order data from external files into text format (txt, csv, ..)
  • Integration with software MD Art-Shop and MD Plan
  • Possibility of integration with management software already present in the company
  • Optimized cutting plans export as DXF or DWG

User defaults

  • Scrap cost setting, cost of cutting, material cost, refill, minimum billable.
  • Setting measurement units in the cutting plan(cm, mm, dec/mm tenths of a millimeter, in/100 hundredths of inches);
  • Setting margins of panels and pieces produced
  • Setting the height and width maximum of the cutting machine
  • Minimum cutout (minimum height and width of remainders being reused)
  • Setting the number of decimal places in the data (panels, constraints, stroke width of cut, material costs)
  • Relative placement constraints(orientation laminate, texture).
  • Maximum time of calculation(based on the power of the calculator used)
  • Managing workbook in order to use the software in a network and share data with other workstations
  • User management and access to the program with a password requirement

Materials management

  • Material panels of different sizes list management
  • Materials management by type, texture and trimmings
  • Recycling scraps generated from scraps larger than the minimum desired
With OptCut you can choose four options of optimization
Set up cutting parameters, margins, cut thickness , size of minimal waste
Management of Materials Table


OptCut is directed at all production companies (from the small craftsman to large company) specializing in cutting and looking for software which allows them to automatically optimize the arrangement of pieces to be produced on the slabs in order to let significant savings in time and material with the possibility of reusing remainders.

The program is specially designed to optimise cutting plans of:
  • foam materials  (mattresses, armchairs, pillows, etc.),
  • glass,
  • marble, granite,
  • steel plates, copper, aluminum, iron,
  • wooden panels, particle boards, laminate, plywood, ...
  • styrofoam panels, polystyrene, polyurethane, polycarbonate, plexiglas ...
  • beams,
  • paper, cardboard,
  • food blocks


Using the program OptCut allows:

  • a real time-saver:Enter the dimensions of the available panels (once at load time), simply place the pieces to produce and start optimizing; automatically deploys the pieces onto the panels, calculated material requirements, processed the cutting plans, the stats, the labels, calculated cost analysis for the production of parts.
  • a considerable material saving: built on a powerful nesting program, optimize the arrangement of pieces in order to minimize loss of material, producing cutting plans easily achievable in workshop and makes it possible to use reusable scraps.
  • reduced set-up times: simplified programming and reduced learning time, being designed for not necessarily computer users, combines power and ease of use, infact doesn't require special training comes with a video course that allows you to use all the features of the program only after a few hours of practice; also comes with a complete user manual and easy to navigate.
  • a better organization of work: ability to pass data optimized to cutting operators, production order management with automatic grouping of pieces to be produced, managing remainders and waste.
  • data import/export: ability to interface with other applications used during the manufacturing process through the exchange of data in txt and csv format.


Among the innovations introduced in the latest version of OptCut, compared to the previous version we point out:

  • the addition of new algorithms of optimization
  • the management of the 45 ° cut in the linear
  • the management of the the differentiated edge thickness
  • customizing the quotation print template
  • the new management of Materials Table (management: priority panels, minimum size of inventories, colors and grains ..
  • the insertion of the column Notes in these tables: Materials, Panels/Profiles, Order e Producting Pieces
  • More


Optimize a cutting plane has never been easier!
The use of software is quick and easy!

The 3 steps are as follows:

Inserimento dei dati relativi ai pannelli da utilizzare e ai pezzi da produrre




Enter in the section Dat Panels

measurements of panels that you want to use


in Data Order section

the measures of the parts to produce



Uno dei pannelli del risultato dell'ottimizzazione del piano di taglio

Risultato dell'ottimizzazione - Totali pezzi prodotti



Launch the optimization process

and display the processing result.

the Cuts section presents the plan of cuts







Total section present

  •  a summary of parts used

  •  the pieces products

  • the scraps

  • the reusable remnants



File pdf con la stampa dil piano dei tagli





Print the cutting plans

Frequently Asked Questions

After entering the optimization parameters and the materials to be used, simply enter the measurements of the pieces to be cut and then run the optimization, the optimized cutting patterns will be displayed on screen and can be printed. You can print labels to be assigned to the various parts produced.

Yes, manages a table with the list of materials to be used, the measuresof the same and the possible price per sqm.

The grain is handled at the level of material or single piece. This is giving the material in the material list parameter "Rotation Yes” and in individual panels by inserting into column Rtz (rotation) the letter S (It means that the piece in the optimization can be rotated).

Other parameters that can be managed are: the thickness of the cut, Allowances (trimming) to manage on the Panel and on the pieces , the minimum size to be considered parts of the remains, the number of iterations, the time maximum of calculation, etc..

Yes, you can insert cutting lists composed of panels of different material, the program will automatically generate multiple optimizations with pieces of the same material.

Yes, you can print labels custom pieces, as for each list contained in the table where you throw the command to print.

Yes, with the module "cost analysis" you can get the price parts production.

Yes. Allows interfacing with other applications used during the manufacturing process through the exchange of data in txt and csv format is inbound and outbound.

Video Tutorial

To help you learn the program, please visit our Youtube channel where there are tutorials.